Forbes Top 5 Wealthiest Rappers

[News] Forbes Names Hip Hop’s 5 Richest Rappers of 2013

Forbes Top 5 Wealthiest Rappers

Devising a list of Hip-Hop’s wealthiest this year, Forbes releases their edition of the top five richest artists in the game today. Although some of the placements might be up for discussion, it wasn’t too unexpected these five would make the cut and they took everything into consideration.

Ranking in at #5 is 50 Cent, his business deal with Coca-Cola, album sales, video games and merchandise have had him in the rankings for some time. Further ventures with SK to create his own brand of headphones as well as energy drinks only certify’s his spot.

Making the #4 spot is Birdman, being the CEO of Cash Money Records and having such artists as Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj signed to his label, YMCMB clothing and vodka beverages. Birdman’s $150 million net worth keeps him on Forbes Five list, with artist Lil Wayne trailing behind the #5 slot.

#3 on the list with $350 million is Dr.Dre. His headphone sales have skyrocketed since released and having a solid label behind him with a gang of great artists it’s only right he makes the cut.

From the Rocawear clothing deal, album sales to ventures in the Barclays Centre, ranking #2 on the list with $475 million is Jay-Z . His label has been home to some of the biggest figures in the game and only expands.

Taking #1 on Forbes Five is Sean “Diddy” Combs. Business deals with Ciroc vodka and an overall net worth that has been rising over the years, he takes the lead as Hip-Hops richest artist with $580 million.

Even though some rankings are debatable and a few artists who were thought to make the list didn’t, this one is backed by sheer numbers and numbers don’t lie. Take a look at Forbes‘ write up and video description on why and how they chose who they did. Let me know who you think should have made the list and why or do you think it’s spot on?