[Video] Casper the Ghost – “Casper and Marlee” (Dir: Nick Boisvert)

If you know Casper, you would know he is an artist who aims to send a positive message through his music, as well to those around him. Growing up through hardships not one person should have to bare, Casper chose to rise above the circumstances he had been dealt to become the inspiring and motivational person he is today. With his music, being a father, to even taking the time to inspire young hip hop fans at a local camp, Casper works hard and it is evident. With Casper and Marlee, we get an inside perspective through Casper and those close to him on what has made him become the artist he is today. I’m not one to use these kinds of words, but it’s heartwarming. Watch the interview below and give a big shout out to Casper in the comments section.