[Album] DL Incognito – “Someday is Less than a Second Away”

After waiting anxiously for the album since DL dropped some teasers from it like “Super” and “Admiration”, the day has finally come. As soon as you press play on the first track, you will see why this is one to add to your collection. The production work on it is done by Tech Twelve, while DL call’s in Adam Bomb, D-Sisive, Geneva and Caliph for features. Stream and purchase the album after some words from DL Incognito’s fan page.

Thank yous are normally inside the album insert tucked away at the end. Sometimes, thank yous seem like an after thought or the last bit of text needed before the final proof is approved for print. After 11 years of making music, 5 albums, 1 compilation and multiple 12″ singles released both domestically and internationally I can say with great humility, thank you. Thank you to all my family, thank you to all my friends, thank you to all my colleagues but especially thank you to all my fans. Your words of encouragement and your continued support is and will always be a source of inspiration. My love affair with music has no end.

DL incognito, M.C.

Purchase: DL Incognito – Someday is Less Than a Second Away