[EP] CALiPH – “Lead With Honor”

Toronto emcee CALiPH recently released Lead With Love, the second EP in his Lead With… series. The series leads up to this summer, when CALiPH will be releasing his album RiseOrDie. Early favourites on Lead With Honor include “Different Day” and “Where You Bin At”. For more from CALiPH, check out the previously-released Lead With Love EP. Stream/download the EP below, and read what CALiPH had to say about the project.

Lead With Honor is the second drop from the “Lead With” series. Honor is another essential tool I’ve discovered on my journey thus far. Honor your mind, body and soul. Sometimes that’s easier said than done because we all have our faults, but recognizing them is progress. Some of the experiences I went through to discover this way of thinking are included on this tape. I had to go through what I went through to get here, no regrets. Enjoy.” – Caliph