[Video] Young Stitch ft. Focuz – “5am in the 905” (Dir: ReyFilmZ)

The hunger and passion Young Stitch has for his music is inevitable and it show’s more than ever on his latest release, a remix of Drake’s “5am in Toronto”, produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz. After a quick drink of Smirnoff, Young Stitch and Focuz rip this instrumental and give us a little insight on what it’s like at “5am in the 905”. What do you think of Young Stitch and Focuz’s version?

“The older folks don’t think that I’m the type to put on a song, twenty thousand camera flashes couldn’t be wrong.
So why the f’ not? Just hit a session with Teddy Bruckshot and ET Canada still gunna’ be putting me on”