[Audio] Daft Punk ft. Pharrell – “Get Lucky” (M-Rock Remix)

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer in the past two weeks, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard Daft Punk’s latest collaboration with Pharrell at least once – that is, if you haven’t been playing it on repeat constantly. If you still can’t get enough of it, or want to hear a fresh take on it, look no further than DJ M-Rock’s remix of the track. It may not be the typical hip-hop that we post, but good music is good music, right? Check out the remix and what M-Rock had to say below:

“Even though I love the risk they’ve taken, and how that vintage disco sound is so familiar, it doesn’t totally knock the room down. And it sounds a bit like it could use some more to really give it that old school feel. I wanted to hear a funky brass band and a section of violinists bending their necks towards their instruments on top. So that’s what I did, I just worked hard at producing it so it sounds old school.” – DJ M-Rock