[Interview] The Come Up Boys talks Mac Miller relationship, advice for Artists, and meaning of Music

Mac Miller, Sonreal and Rich Kidd, Come Up Boys @ UWO

The Come Up Boys is a Hip-Hop duo consisting of emcee’s Franchise and Vinny Radio hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. It’s only right being The Come Up Show we sat down for an interview and talk about how duo two met up and what led to their 8 year relationship. The Come Up Boys having a a great relationship with the homie Mac Miller who has been supporting them via social media and having them open up for his tours, the boys tell me how their relationship with Mac Miller came about. As you can imagine touring with Mac Miller The Come Up Boys are playing in front of thousands of fans, I asked them how that affects them as musicians when it comes to live performances and overall their music selection. Closing off the interview The Come Up Boys talk about their album Change Of Plans, slang words they use in Burg and much more!

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