[Video] Quake Matthews ft. Freeway, RS Smooth – “We Can Do Better” (Dir: Tyler Ross)

For the second visual from Corrado, Quake heads to Philly to shoot a video for “We Can Do Better” featuring Freeway. After posting some pictures back in September with Freeway, I’m sure we all were wondering just what video he was filming for. That is until Corrado came out. Quake even shed’s some light on the journey to Philadelphia in a song from the album “Fan In Me”.

“I took a plane down to NY, than I trained down to Philly. Brought my lil’ sis’ and a couple dudes with me for a concert, 30 artists set to hit the stage, I was in the crowd just waiting to see Jay. Cause that shits motivation for chasing our dreams, then I saw my man Free’s face in the screen, and we about to shoot a video tomorrow so I guess it really aint as far away as it seems”

Just like he said in a recent interview, he was trying to take the raw emotion and record his songs in the moment and I think in all it made the album that much better, something we can all relate to in one way or another. “We Can Do Better” is a title that say’s it all, as Quake and Freeway give you their opinions on why that is, RS Smooth put’s it all in perspective on the hook over an awesome J.Cardim production. Watch the video below, directed by Tyler Ross of Our Destiny Our Dynasty Films and let me know what you think inspired this song.