[Video] Locksmith Freestyles, Talks Hip-Hop Today & “The Green Box” with This Is 50

Locksmith recently sat down with This is 50 to talk about The Green Box with Jack Thriller, he also gives a better insight on who he is as a person, talks about the hip hop scene today and gives yet another crazy freestyle at the beginning of the interview. If you’ve been following the past posts we’ve done on Locksmith, you really get to see the creative side of Locksmith through his writing concepts and the visuals he has released. Locksmith is a true genuine person so if you appreciate sincere good music, be on the lookout for anything he drops! Take in this eight minute interview underneath and make sure to go checkout The Green Box if you haven’t already.

“Death do the trauma my momma would always tell me, be careful chasing a dollar, make sure your soul is wealthy”