[Audio] Vicktor Taiwò ft. Solomon – “Digital Kids” (Prod: Felix Joseph)

Alternative music is really breaking the barriers that were set by generic artists. It’s come to a point where if an artist has a consistent, distinct sound, they’ll always have a loyal following as seen through the likes of The Weeknd, Johnny Rain and today, Vicktor Taiwò. Next to Frank Ocean I never thought I’d hear an artist that would sound as smooth and with substance, but I stand corrected. Vicktor Taiwò is an artist from The East End, Britiain (UK) and has been posting covers throughout the year. He’s best known for his cover on “Kiss You” by One Direction, and trust me, it’s way better than the original. I’ve been following him since then and I’m pleased to announce that he dropped an original with rapper, Solomon. You won’t be disappointed.