[Video] Gentleman’s Vibe ft. Anna Toth – “Girls Love The Power” (Dir: Gentleman’s Vibe)

It seems like the remixes and mashups nowadays are doing a better job than the actual song itself. Gentleman’s Vibe is a rap duo from Vancouver that’s been in the game for almost 4 years and after listening to their music, it’s safe to say they have a great, consistent sound. What sets them apart is that they both can sing and rap very well, so they can switch up the tempo at any given moment. They’re known to do remixes, as their rendition to “Dreams Money Can Buy” is what got me hooked onto them in the first place, but they also drop quality originals like “Memory Lane”. Their visuals are very unique, especially when directed by IFHT as seen in their “Big Spenders” music video, but they also edit their own work. Take a listen to their mashup to “Power Trip” & “Girls Love Beyonce”, produced by kthx and featuring Anna Toth.