[Album] Elaquent – “Believing”

Yes! Elaquent just dropped Believing, a 13-track blend of instrumental goodness – with the exception of “Interference”, which features the soulful vocals of allie. In a sound described as jazzy lounge, the Guelph producer has carefully crafted an album full of lo-fi production. I’ve been waiting on this one ever since seeing Elaquent perform live at our sixth anniversary celebration – and being blown away. For more on Elaquent, make sure you check out our interview with him. Stream and purchase Believing below.

“Whether it is on purpose or coincidence, Elaquent is a beatsmith who creates juicy beats that upholds his own producing name. A lot of his lacings are hip-hop and soul oriented, but you should know by now that any claimed influence these days can be misleading. Elaquent’s latest album, Believing, showcases his musical ability to adapt and evolve his game. Yes, there are clear signs of hip-hop and soul interspersed within the album, though the organic style he has injected into the album overshadows any doubts of it being yet another mundane, album. You’ll stumble across unorthodox yet progressive beats, an eclectic collection of effects, and a modest use of looped vocals. This downtempo-esque album also provides a wide range of moods and tone, all the while keeping your mind at bay. Mystique, yet familiar. Blunt, yet majestic.”