[Review] Union Events presents Logic and the Welcome to Forever Tour @ The Virgin Mobile Mod Club (Toronto)

On Wednesday June 26th 2013 XXL Freshman and Visionary Music Group’s own Logic came to Toronto with fellow VMG comrade Skizzy Mars and special guest Quest for the final stop of his Welcome to Forever Tour and definitely showed that he saved the best for last.

The buzz both inside and outside the MOD Club was huge as fans; both old and new, anticipated seeing Logic knowing that this was probably his last stop in Toronto before his status truly went into the stratosphere. At the very front of the stage were fans who had seen him at the same venue last year when he was even more unknown and in speaking with them you could tell that they were not only proud of but also felt connected to the artist’s grind to make it to the position he’s now in.

Once the doors opened and the place was packed it was time to dim the lights and start the show. At this point Logic fans were introduced to VMG’s special guest Quest. Although he was a newcomer and unfamiliar at the time to most in the crowd unless they’d been following Logic’s “Just Another Day” Vlog, this artist did his thing with the microphone and showed why he had the caliber to be invited on the tour. Quest’s style was very relaxed; smooth even. He didn’t jump up and down on the stage but instead showed his energy through his style of rap. Quest has the talent to flow at a pace akin to that of Twista or Bone Thugz n Harmony. So while performing his tracks he would continuously stop the beat and break down what he was spitting. Basically he would rap at a pace where everyone could hear his lyrics and know he had an impressive pen game but then he’d repeat it at a rapid speed and the crowd just loved it. Taking a break from the music for a second, Quest took the opportunity to tell us a bit about his story as a struggling artist from Florida whom Logic put on the tour because of his talent and to extend a helping hand. Fans of Logic, already knowing how he stood for the underdogs appreciated Quest even more. He then continued to entertain the crowd for the rest of his set, even bringing out the trademark VMG Gumbi suit, and did such a great job that the crowd was actually sad when he had to go. I’ve personally never seen a crowd ask for an encore for an opening act but it was clear Quest did a great job connecting with them and got the ball rolling for what was going to be a great show.

Next up on the bill was highly anticipated artist Skizzy Mars who’s been building buzz on the underground scene with his Penthouse Music movement. Skizzy started off with one of his most popular hits from last year, “Sirens” which got the crowd really hyped up. Skizzy is known for having some braggadocio in his rhymes but always knows how to not come off too standoffish and the audience was feeling his aura. He was dope at bringing everyone there into his world. Being someone who’s name had been mentioned in Logic’s songs for a while, it was good to see in person why he had deserved the cosign he had been receiving. His next track “Sideways” had a sound very different from the tracks heard earlier that night. The production had a lot of up-tempo moments in the hook vs. being more low-key during the verses. This was a dope track to put second because it constantly changed the energy of the audience. One moment you’d just be vibing out and enjoying his rhymes and the next everyone would just be jumping up and down!

Very early on in his set Skizzy made sure to emcee the crowd right. From the beginning he made sure hands were always in the air and rocking. Things like that always make for a more exciting show. His time on stage also included the Visionary Music Group members coming on stage, having water fights with the crowd and crowd surfing. It was truly a lot of fun to be in the crowd and everyone there had a great time. At the end when he finished with the song “Douchebag” it felt like the whole front row knew the words and by the second verse everyone in the venue was at least rapping the chorus. Skizzy Mars’ performance definitely didn’t disappoint any fans who had came to see him and for sure made new fans out of those who were just introduced to him.

When it was time for Logic to hit the stage the crowd’s energy was at an all time high. The two openers had done a great job of warming the audience up and you could tell they had built a great chemistry over the course of their tour. Logic then hit the stage and in a classy fashion introduced himself to the crowd, explained his story and dreams and how every one in the building could achieve their own. He made sure everyone knew that he was no better than them just because he was on stage and that they were going to continue to have a great time. He started off with a classic from Young Sinatra: Undeniable called “The Spotlight” which “Set the Tone” (no pun intended) because it’s such a high-energy track. Great performers know that somewhere in the beginning of your set, having a hit that is high energy and gets the crowd moving always connects them directly to whatever direction the emcee wants to go.

He took that momentum and went right into some hits from his new mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever from“925” to “Roll Call” and new fan-favourite “5 AM”. After a few more songs he went back to the classic from his last mixtape and performed “Used to Hate” almost to solidify the point of how far he’s come. It was impressive to witness an artist who really knows how to write great music on the come up and be an amazing live performer as well. Even better was he himself being humble by making sure to stop the music and lecture the audience from time to time about life. He commanded the audience so well that he literally witnessed the crowd perform “Numbers” while he put down the mic and let the beat rock. Witnessing everyone recite the entire song word for word Logic then showed even more that despite it being this early in his career he knows how to involve the audience. While performing “Dead Presidents III” Logic took notice of a fan in the front row and put the mic in his face and allowed him to rap the verse for him. Then three more joined in and he had them rap and truly be part of the show. Witnessing their reaction and how nonchalant he actually was about it showed how much care he had for his fans. Finishing off with his trademark hit “All I Do” Logic brought back out his entire team for not only an encore but also a repeat of crowd surfing and water fights. The show was one of the most fun shows to witness as Logic made sure he made ever member in the RattPack and Bobbysoxer feel “Welcome To Forever”.