From a young age Cleveland, Ohio’s unbelievably talented Erika Kayne has been singing and working on music. Even auditioning on American Idol at the age of 14. Although she didn’t make the show, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion to sing and I think that shows her dedication right there alone. After being the lead singer for a rap group based in her hometown The Goodfellas, she released a solo as well as her first mixtape titled E Day which got her a slot in Cleveland’s Summer Jam event. Now signed to Vyrus Entertainment, Erika is working with some very talented producers like Case Boogie who produced the single “ABC’s” off her upcoming EP Citizen Kayne. I remember when I was young there would always be some R&B of sort playing like Lauryn Hill and TLC are a couple artists I can think of off hand, which Erika Kayne’s new single definitely got me wanting to throw some more of on to my playlist instead of the normal straight hip-hop. Take in this gem after a description from her biography.

Pertaining to her goals, Erika does not pursue music for the
fame or money that comes along with the highly advertised
lifestyle. She aspires to be a positive role model and to
become the voice for other aspiring young female artists.
She hopes to show them that anything is possible in this
world, despite what must be overcome in the process. To
quote from her song “ABC’S”, “You only give your toughest
battles to your strongest soldiers.”