Our friends Fresh Kils, Mad Dukez and Uncle Fester are in a bit of a jam right now and could use your help. While they were on tour in Montreal, their tour van was broken into and they lost all of their equipment: three MacBook Pros, an MPC1000, a DI Box, a K-Oscillator, headphones, cables, passports, clothes, and other personal possessions. Despite the setback, the guys want to continue their tour dates through October, but they need all the help they can get to do it. In return, they’re offering a ton of merchandise and other offers to anyone willing to lend a hand. These are good dudes and it would suck to see their tour cut short, so please consider helping them out. Here’s a message from them on how you can help:

We are aiming to raise $5,000 to replace the stolen gear and repair the van window so that the guys can continue rocking their tour dates through October. In order to accomplish this, we are offering various personalized packages as a thank you for your donation towards helping them cover the cost of replacing the gear and fixing their broken van window.

All CD’s and vinyl will be autographed by Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils themselves and any contribution made to this campagin will automatically give you, the supporter the chance to appear in their next music video (scheduled to be shot late-August in Buffalo NY) off the Gettin’ Gatsby album.

They’re offering several donation packages, each with a different reward:

  • $5 gets you an immediate digital download of Gettin’ Gatsby
  • $15 gets you an autographed Gettin’ Gatsby CD
  • $25 gets you an autographed Gettin’ Gatsby CD, plus a Mad Dukez t-shirt
  • $50 gets you an autographed Gettin’ Gatsby 12″ vinyl, plus a digital download of the album and a Mad Dukez t-shirt
  • $150 gets you the chance to hang out with Fresh Kils and Mad Dukez the next time they perform in your city, plus passes for you and your friends to the show, an autographed Gettin’ Gatsby CD, and a Mad Dukez t-shirt
  • $500 gets you a featured Mad Dukez verse or a custom Fresh Kils beat, plus an autographed Gettin’ Gatsby CD and a Mad Dukez t-shirt

Donate here.