[Video] Rapper Big Pooh – “Gold Chain”

“I used to wanna rock a gold chain/ A bracelet with two pinky rings/ I got a couple karat earrings/ And I don’t even wear the damn things.” – Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh recently released the visuals to “Gold Chain”, off his upcoming release Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas. On the track, Pooh gets on his “grown man spitting knowledge to the young cats” tip, reflecting on how he’s changed from early in his career to where he’s currently at. The Mighty DR handles the production, providing a relatively simplistic, straightforward beat for Pooh to rhyme over: this is all lyrics, no frills. For more on Rapper Big Pooh, make sure you give our interview with him a read. Check out the visuals to “Gold Chain” below.