[Video] Soul Khan ft. Nicholas Ryan Gant – “Morning Alone” (Dir: Drew Rosenswieg)

Soul Khan just released the music video to “Morning Alone” off his most recent EP, Psalm. The track is produced by Abnormal (as is the vast majority of the EP) and features the haunting vocals of Nicholas Ryan Gant, as Soul Khan paints a vivid picture of a widow who can’t figure out why she isn’t grieving for her dead husband. For more on Soul Khan, make sure to give our interview with him a read. Check out the visuals to “Morning Alone” and read a snippet of the interview below.

TCUS: You’ve got a new EP out called the Psalm EP. What can you tell me about it?

Soul Khan: Psalm is four tracks with a bonus track, and the four regular tracks are all produced by a producer out of St. Louis named Abnormal, who I met on Twitter, actually. The theme of it is simple answers to complicated problems. It’s the fourth in the series of EPs that are all named after titles of songs from [John] Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. In order, [there] was Acknowledgement, then Resolution, Pursuance, and now Psalm, which is the last of that series of four. The subjects range from me rapping about rapping, to a song about my memories associated with my tattoos, to a song about an old woman trying to understand why she’s not grieving for her dead husband, and another song that’s just sort of general and my musings about life. So in a short time, it runs the gamut of different things, but they also have common emotional and thematic qualities. That’s what Psalm is.