[Video] The Truth with Elliott Wilson Interviews Jay Z – Part 2

Are you ready for part two of Elliott Wilson’s interview with Jay Z? After the part one yesterday I was waiting all day to come home and check the rest of the interview out and the wait was well worth it. Touching on other topics like sports, competition in the hip-hop game, the Trayvon Martin ruling, parenting and more. As I said before this is probably the most down to earth, attention grabbing interview of all the others he has done since Magna Carta Holy Grail’s release. So really pay attention closely because both of these men are very smart and have gained so much knowledge throughout their careers it is astounding. Although any interview with Jay Z should be taken in with your full attention, look at what he has created in the time he has been given so far and we can only expect more. Let me know your thoughts on the whole interview below.