[Video] Shad ft. Saukrates – “Stylin” (Dir: Justin Broadbent)

Shad just dropped the visuals to “Stylin”, the first single off his upcoming album Flying Colours, and I’d be lying if I told you I’m wasn’t geeking out right now. Ever since I noticed the video go up around noon, I’ve been dying to get home from work and take it in. Now that I’m finally caught up to speed, I present several observations based on the “Stylin” video:

1) Shad’s first single reminds me a lot of how “Yaa I Get It” served as the introduction to TSOL. Both were immediately in-your-face production-wise with heavy percussion, and both feature Shad at his most boastful, “rappin’ about rap” self – which isn’t a bad thing at all.
2) On the production note, Skratch Bastid kills it. Respect.
3) Anytime Saukrates is on the hook, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good song. It’s been said before, but the guy is the Northern Nate Dogg when it comes to hooks.
4) As much as I would have killed for a new Shad album in the past two years, this proves it’s not at all a bad idea to break from the current over-saturated “release five projects every year” trend in hip-hop and actually, you know, devote some time to each project. Shad sounds refreshed and inspired, and if it took three years until he was ready for another full-length, that’s fine with me.
5) If this is any preview, things are looking good for Flying Colours.

Speaking of Flying Colours, it’s been announced that the album is set for release on October 15th through Black Box. Shad describes it as “an album about everything, as per my custom, but most of all, I wanted to explore success and failure.” With all that said, check out the visuals to “Stylin” below, and purchase the track on iTunes.