[Video] Shaun Boothe – “Live” (Dir: Giles Monet)

In my opinion, a hip-hop show with a live band is a totally different experience. I’ve witnessed shows with them and seen the reactions they get. It’s a more vibrant experience, the crowd reaction is more intense and it takes a lot of synchronizing between the band and the artist. As Shaun Boothe says in this video “To me, a big part of survival is evolution.” and that’s the truth, no Elliott Wilson. Toronto emcee Shaun Boothe’s mini-documentary takes you along with him through his journey to transform his album Waiting Room into something you can remember forever as he performs the entire album on stage with a 7 piece band. AHR Films captures the whole experience on camera as Shaun Boothe raises the bar to a whole other level. Take a minute to check this amazing interview/performance and let me know what you think, is a hip-hop show better with a live band or without?