[Mixtape] J.K. The Rapper – “ILL LIFE II: Chapter 4”

J.K. The Rapper is an up and coming artist based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. His musical inspirations include legends like Nas and Eazy-E. He recently released a mixtape titled ILL LIFE II: Chapter 4. His lyrics don’t focus on any particular topics like drugs or fashion. J.K. doesn’t try to fit into a hip-hop image and this can be heard in his music. His music is versatile and there’s definitely something for everyone on this album. There are a total of 17 tracks on this project. I really enjoyed the last four tracks where J.K. The Rapper delivers some great rhymes to conclude the mixtape. My favorite track is “Right Beside You” which is a very personal and soulful track dedicated to the women in his family. Download and listen to the mixtape below.