[Audio] Skyzoo – “Feeding Lines” x “First Thing Smoking”

Brooklyn’s own Skyzoo recently released yet another instalment in his Penny Series Pt. 2, this time dropping “Feeding Lines”. (For those unaware, the Duck Down emcee has been releasing a new song every Thursday as part of the freestyle series.) Since we missed last week’s edition, make sure to check out “First Thing Smoking” as well. If you’re familiar with Skyzoo, you’ll know his reverence for Penny Hardaway runs deep. We had the chance to catch up with Skyzoo back in September last year, and we discussed everything from idolizing Penny Hardaway, to A Dream Deferred, to growing up around Notorious B.I.G. Stream/download the tracks below and read a snippet of our interview with Skyzoo.

TCUS: Growing up, how influential was Penny Hardaway to you?

Skyzoo: Huge, man, because when I was young, I was rhyming and playing ball, and that was it. I was shooting jumpers, and I was freestyling while I was shooting jumpers. Literally, I’d be on the court shooting free throw shots, and I’d be rhyming at the same time. I just wanted to be Penny, and I wanted to be Nas. That was it as a kid, you know? Back in ’94, ’95, before Jay[-Z] came out. Everybody knows I’m probably the biggest Jay fan, but before Jay came out, when Penny was really in his heyday, it was Penny and Nas. That was it.

Yeah, Penny was a huge influence on me and everyone who grew up in that era. If you look at the Wikipedia pages of LeBron and Melo, and people like that, they all have Penny tied into their Wikipedia pages as their favourite player when they were kids. It’s all from that era. He was kind of our Jordan for a minute, you know? Before he got injured, he was our Jordan.