[Video] Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry- “Much More” (Dir: Locksmith & Brian Storm)

Out of all the visuals that Locksmith has came out with for his project The Green Box (“Living Loaded” featuring Olamide Faison, “Transitions”, “Be Free”, “Fuck Love”, “Bear With Me”, “Stand It” featuring Anesha, “Fleming Street”, “You Never Know” featuring Jarell Perry, “Everything” featuring Fallon, “Broken” featuring Jarell Perry) and now the latest gem “Much More” featuring Jarell Perry, it’s hard to pin point a favorite of them all because they’re all so creative and fitting for each individual track. I think Locksmith just broke a record for most music videos created for one project too. In this recent one directed by Locksmith and Brian Storm, Locksmith’s inspiring words are emphasized as he stands right in front of you making it seem as if you’re there with him standing glaring at the great background scenery which plays its part as well to help explain the message. Watch “Much More” after the jump!

Download: Locksmith – The Green Box