[Audio] Skyzoo – “Along The Way”

At last, the “Control” response to end all “Control” responses. Skyzoo just dropped “Along The Way”, the final instalment in his Penny Series Pt. 2, and he takes the opportunity to put an end to all this knee-jerk tomfoolery of overreactions to Kendrick’s wake-up call. The Brooklyn emcee hops on Jay Z’s “Allure”, produced by The Neptunes, and gets right to reminding everyone who’s been about the lyrics from jump:

“I did it from day one/ I never took off a night, I never shook off the light in the midst of a grey run/ I told you what I was on, and showed you double or nothin’/ The ones who really heard is the ones who cut the discussion/ Like “nah, Sky got it, there’s nothin’ for him to prove/ If he ever laced ’em up, you’d be runnin’ outta your shoes.”/ You being whoever, the name of him doesn’t matter/ They know I’m not for play, I’m raisin’ ’em up as rappers…”

“Two for two with the classics and got a third comin’/ And I ain’t dropped one verse that didn’t earth somethin’/ Even the throwaways were s— you would go to play/ And say that the only thing beside it that you know is Jay/ The day ones? All of ’em know how me do/ I’m pretty much Earl Manigault, but no needles/ So when you talk to Kareem or Wilt or Connie Hawk’/ Remember who they was modellin’ when they stepped on the court…”

“I’m New York to the death, when they was changin’ they teams/ But they opened up the doors for him to say what he please/ It don’t help that the real king went and gave him the keys/ Doing verses on the remix, s—, why wouldn’t he think he’s it/ I would think the same with all them reach-ins/ Not a shot, it’s just a drop of honesty/ And if I pour the whole glass, that’s more that you gotta clean/ So I’ll leave it there, and you know where I stand/ Talkin’ music to my friends, and one love to my fans.”

Now I don’t want to hear any more responses, hear me? Stream/download “Along The Way” below, and make sure to check out our interview with Skyzoo.