[Video] D-Sisive – “Friend of Mine” (Dir: Briin Bernstein & Daniel AM Rosenberg)

This… is fantastic. D-Sisive just dropped the visuals to “Friend of Mine”, off Jonestown 3: The Dream Is Over, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the end result. Directed by Briin “Briin?” Bernstein and Daniel AM Rosenberg, the duo behind recent videos for Kardinal Offishall, Tona, Rich Kidd, The Antiheroes, and more, the video features kid versions of D-Sisive and collaborator Muneshine – and I’ve gotta say, they look bang on. The end result? One of the better videos I’ve seen recently – and of course, being that it’s D-Sisive, a pretty good song too. Check out the visuals to “Friend of Mine” below.

I was twelve when I wrote a girl a note/ And on that note, I wrote/ “I like you, do you like me? Yes, Maybe or No.”/ Now you can draw an ‘O’ around that answer that applies/ Take the rest of the class to decide/ She didn’t waste a second/ Her red pen ink answered my question/ And followed up with another sentence/ She signed her name beside a smiley face, then folded it up/ Passed it back, and I opened it up…/ F—/ She circled “Yes”, with an arrow that led to the words, “but only as a friend.”/ A friend?/ Maybe she meant baby steps, so I called her after class/ She never called me back…” – D-Sisive