[EP] G Jones – “Watch The Funk”

Kitchener-Waterloo emcee/producer G Jones just dropped his latest full-length release, Watch The Funk. The 7-track EP – which is free, by the way – features a wide variety of styles and concepts, most of which Jones pulls off quite well. Listening to Watch The Funk, there’s no question that he’s improved in all facets since last year’s Get Movin; his delivery has stepped up, his songwriting has improved, and overall, the EP sounds much more polished. If Jones continues to improve as he’s done here, I’ll be very excited to see what he creates in the future. A couple early favourites off Watch The Funk are the title track, “Mista Disasta”, “Shua Jones”, and perhaps my overall favourite, “War On Home”. Stream and download Watch The Funk below.