[Video Premiere] Kayo – “The Prologues: Rich Already” (Dir: The Russian)

The Come Up Show is very proud to present the first of a series of video blogs by Kayo to accompany his upcoming EP, S.L.A.V.E. Momentum has really been building for the St. Lucian in the past few weeks, as he recently made two big announcements: the EP and a cross-Canada tour with Chali 2na. Each of the video blogs – or rather, The Prologues – will serve as an extension of a song from the EP, which is now set for release on September 17th through Black Box. The first prologue is for “Rich Already”. In the video, Kayo discusses his frustrations with being on a label and not finding the immediate success he thought it would bring; many of the same things he touched upon with us in our interview back in April. As for S.L.A.V.E., Kayo says, “I feel like this album is a dedication to everything and everyone that made me who I am to date and St. Lucia is a major part of that.” Watch the prologue for “Rich Already” below and read a snippet of our interview with Kayo.

Kayo [on the status of his album]: Being a new artist in a major infrastructure like this brings restrictions that can be very frustrating if you don’t really understand the situation that you’re in. Now that I’ve gone through all these different things – and I don’t want to speak on it too much – but the whole recording process for this album, being on a label, has been extremely good, but frustrating at times. And now that I have this kind of renewed inspiration and energy towards it, I really want to move forward with that mindset.

Directed by The Russian for Independent Muscle and edited in part by Yogidaproducer.