[Audio] Ryan Leslie – “Black Mozart” Album Snippet Mix

Photo Credit: Marina Boy Entertainment

Ryan Leslie recently released his fourth studio album, Black Mozart. The 12-track project (amongst other exclusives) is being offered to members of his #Renegades club. The club is a new strategy in an attempt to ultimately give back to those who are loyal fans and supporters. Not a member? Don’t worry, DJ TAM-R has accommodated us with an album snippet mix blended together for your listening pleasure. Make sure to read our full review of R-Les when he made his way Toronto and stream the “Black Mozart” Album Snippet Mix after the jump. Do you think this is a smart move for Ryan Leslie? Let us know in the comments section.

I chose to take myself off of iTunes because there was too much anonymity happening in my career. Let’s say seven thousand records were sold digitally in the last three months, and if I want to reach out and just say, “Hey guys, because you bought my album, I’m actually able to tour this year,” I can’t even do that. So my goal around the Black Mozart project is…. First of all, people are going to bootleg this record. The minute it’s digital, it’s free. Folks that still support it, despite the fact that they can get it for free, those are the people I’m concerned with, those are the people who are enabling and empowering me to continue to create. I think more artists should be thanking the people who support them. They’d probably have longer careers.

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Black Mozart Tracklist:

1. Carnival of Venice
2. Black Mozart
3. Higher
4. History
5. Lay Down
6. Full Moon
7. Only The Lonely ft. Courtney Bennett
8. Evacuation
9. Green ft. Fabolous
10. Bad Chicks
11. I Love It
12. Coke Cans