UPDATE: Check out our pro-fess-ional pictures of Mac Miller and Richie Blackz on The Come Up Show.

London was excited for Mac Miller last night at the Music Hall and rightfully so. This was my first time seeing a full show at the renovated London Music Hall and I was really excited. They really outdone themselves and this will open up the doors to so many great acts in the future. Remember the venue was only at 700 capacity before and now with the patio it will fit up to 2100 concert goers, that a huge increase and it felt great to walk around the venue.

Doors opened at 8pm and by 8:30 the crowd was already screaming “Mac Miller” name but he wasn’t scheduled for at least another hour and a show isn’t complete without its openers. Originally our friend TFHOUSE was scheduled as an opener but he couldn’t make it. Richie Blackz was the only performer to open for Mac Miller and what a great job he did. My belief is that if your own home city crowd rocks with your live show then you got real support and love from the people and that’s exactly what happened last night.

It wasn’t even ten minutes into Richie’s set and a few of the ladies threw their bras on stage, Richie has opened up for major acts like Big Sean, Wale, etc and you could tell by seeing how excited the audience was. Especially when he mentioned the London neighbourhoods  and high schools like White Hills, Beal, Medway, CCH, UWO, Fanshawe, you can imagine the responses from the crowd. It might seem like a simple thing but there is something exciting when your school or the area you live in gets mentioned. A tip for performing artists to keep in mind, make it about your fans and the people that are watching, when you engage them they get riled up and its turn into a good time. Jon Lines broke the ice by being the first to jump into the audience and crowd surf amongst the thousands of fans who were happy to move him through the wave of people.

If you remember a couple of weeks ago we posted up Richie Blackz new single When You See ME (Uh Huh) which we’ve been playing on heavy rotation on The Come Up Show Radio. It got a great response on the radio and this was my first time witnessing the song live and it BUMPED! I do think its the next anthem from Richie and I’m excited to see it live again. You can check out the video below.

This is my third time seeing Mac Miller live, first time was his first entry into Canada at the Smokers Tour at The Opera House, second was at the Mustang Lounge at UWO, and third was at the Music Hall and he keeps impressing me every single time. The one thing everyone could agree on is you felt like Mac Miller gave it his all, with the 70+ minutes on stage performing classics like “Nikes On My Feet” to his latest album Watching Movies with The Sound Off. The constant challenge when having a catalogue like Mac Miller is you have to balance all the music from projects like K.I.D.S. to the new stuff and I believe he did a great job with his setlist.

Mac Miller performing Nikes On My Feet

Party Time

Watching Movies with the Sound off

Knock Knock


Waking up this morning I feel motivated and very happy I got to witness Mac Miller live last night and I think everyone who was there feels the same way. As we listed in our article the 7 Reasons Why The Experience of Attending Live Concerts is a must have  one of the benefits of a live show is that you get to witness all that raw energy from the venue, your fellow friends, Mac Miller, you are in the moment absorbed into the vibe and you feel happy. That’s what I felt and I know everyone else did too. Thanks to the London Music Hall, Premiere Life and to you the fan for coming out to the show. Make sure to visit us on instagram and twitter for the other videos and pics. We also got really nice professional photos on Mac Miller, Richie Blackz and potentially you releasing soon so make sure to connect with us on social media.


I would love to know what you thought of the concert? What was your favourite moment and song Mac Miller performed? Let me know in the comment section below.

The End