[Feature] Don’t Sleep On Me: Martin $ky

What happened to people buying an album, listening to it and being happy with it until the artist was ready to release another full-length? Thanks to the internet, never before have we had such extensive access to music as we do today. With rappers facing irrelevancy, it’s kind of unfair to berate them for constantly putting out material. Although 50 cent & Lil Wayne did capitalized off of this marketing tactic, nowadays you’re lucky if your album is listened to for longer than a month. Chicago emcee, Martin $ky doesn’t turn a blind eye to this fact, but instead, uses it as fuel for his latest release: TIME(LESS)

Time·less:  Unaffected by time; ageless.

There’s a big difference between FREE music and GOOD music, and some rappers confuse the two. Taking all summer to create one cohesive piece of work that properly embodied his new found sound was top priority during the making of Martin’s somewhat debut project. Martin understands the influence a classic has on the people versus fillers when converting folks into fans. He formulates a lot of his songs without hooks and utilizes his distinct flow to bring life onto unconventional productions, some of which are self-produced.

TIME(LESS) helps in separating him from the sea of emerging artists we have in today’s industry and works well with those who long for the days when music was simpler and more focused on musical skill rather than image. What does “Timeless” mean to you? while listening to this tape, keep that definition in mind and then ask yourselves, does Martin $ky successfully craft a project that will withstand the test of time?

Name: @MartinxSky
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Influences: Madlib, 9th Wonder and MF DOOM
Sounds Like: Modern Vintage
Latest Release: TIME(LESS)
Must-Listen Track(s): “Flame” and “Contrast”