[Event] A3C & Hip-Hop Canada Presents: That New North Saturday October 5th @ 529 (East Atlanta Village) Atlanta, GA

A3C [All 3 Coasts] is one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the US and takes place annually in Atlanta, GA. Now in its 9th year, A3C has grown from a local hip-hop showcase to an international festival, and incomparable cultural experience, including: Music, Art, Film, Style, Education, Pro-Audio and More. A3C takes place over 5 days in October, at dozens of venues centrally located throughout four closely connected, high traffic, cultural hubs in Atlanta: Old 4thWard, Little 5 Points, Downtown and East Atlanta Village.

This year, there will be an incredible all-Canadian showcase at the 2013 A3C Festival called, That New North. Although a Canadian showcase has occurred in the past, this will be the first full 3-hour set complete with an ill venue to showcase it at. Hosted by Katie Salhu and backed by Hip-Hop Canada, the showcase will feature Canadian artists Nostic, Smash Brovaz, Raz Fresco, John River, CALiPH, 4th Pyramid, Blake Carrington, and Rich Kidd with 2 more artists to be selected via ReverbNation and SonicBids. Make sure to check out the full details below and support the great talent!

What: A3C & Hip Hop Canada Presents: That New North
Where: 529 (East Atlanta Village) Atlanta, GA
When: Saturday October 5, 2013
Admission: $35.00 Single Day Pass | All Access Passes $60.00 through September | $75.00 October & door | Tickets available online via a3cfestival

2012 A3C Festival Recap: