[Feature] Don’t Sleep On Me: Sikai

One thing that is for certain; an unfortunate event always brings out something inside of you that pushes you to drive forward and motivates you in ways you couldn’t imagine, which is definitely the case for Stamford, Connecticut’s Sikai. With a name that is sky-rocketing in the Tri-State area, gradually gaining attention towards each coast, up north here in Canada, even spreading overseas; it’s only a matter of time before he reaches that level every artist strives for and that is something I stand behind. Ups and downs have definitely been a part of the story though the determination has always been there and you get a vivid glimpse of that through Sikai’s music.

Being an avid music fan from an early age, Sikai has been making himself known throughout his hometown and surrounding areas since his middle school days, writing his first song at the age of eight and even releasing his first project while still in high school. Growing up during the transition in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s where the internet opened up major gateways for artist’s who weren’t necessarily getting out to the masses, Sikai began to focus even more heavily on releasing new music. In late 2009 he released Gooney Tunes Volume 1 hosted by DJ Rated-R, which was a very substantial moment in terms of getting more attention towards his music.

Following Gooney Tunes Volume 1, Sikai came out with Should Of Been An Album hosted by DJ Ill Will, gaining him regional shows and online press, which had him on the road doing shows from time to time. While building on that success, he was involved in a serious car accident that left him physically injured. Having to slow down on music to rehabilitate, painkillers became a dependency while in the process of healing and trying to perform shows that eventually lead to a slight addiction. This made for motivation in creating his next project in 2011 Painkillers & Energy Drinks hosted by DJ Whoo Kid , because being out doing shows while still hurt from the accident had him taking painkillers as well as energy drinks to help fight the tiredness. Serving as an even bigger standout project, Sikai had verses from French Montana, Joe Budden, Dublin and Rich Hil on there to show just where his hard work was taking him.

Shortly afterwards in the tail end of 2011, Sikai was involved in another serious car accident; that led to a relapse taking the dependency for painkillers to a whole other level. Receiving a huge wake up call, Sikai began his never ending road to recovery and Painkilling Music Group derived from that; taking what he had been through into a whole new direction. Feeling fresh and rejuvenated ready to bring his new mind set into action, Sikai dropped Painkilling: 1500mg in February of this year, which in his words helps encourage people to use their personal passions to combat the many afflictions that life may bring. This mixtape as well as Painkillers & Energy Drinks showcase his unique instrumental choice and versatility, with his style and flow allowing him to craft an unforgettable listening experience whenever you take in one of his songs. Painkilling: 1500mg also gained him a XXL feature and a few interviews, one that stands out would be his interview on Shade 45.

Showing his work ethic Sikai just recently came out with a project this summer called Painkilling: Summertime Sick with an array of different sounds for almost anyone to enjoy from rock type tracks to club tunes and songs for the females. He is without question someone who can tell you that no matter the circumstance, if you stay focused on your passion good things will come of it and me personally I believe he is not getting as much shine as he deserves. Though without a doubt it’s all in due time. The quality, variety, lyrics, work ethic, story, the image is all there. Find out more about Sikai below.

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Influences: Everything, Mase, Nas, Michael Jackson to Rock music
Sounds Like: Sikai
Latest Release: Painkilling: Summertime Sick
Must-Listen Track: “D.R.U.G.S”