[Interview] Skratch Bastid talks Spring Up EP, favourite Toronto emcee, Producer Album and more

Last month we had the pleasure of having DJ Skratch Bastid spin a live set on The Come Up Show Radio. If you caught the show live then you remember how amazing the set was; if you missed out don’t worry we got you covered with a quick sample of his performance. After the set we had the opportunity to chop it up and I think it will be of interest to you especially if you are a Shad fan (WHO ISN’T?).  J.R. asked Skratch how long it took to record his collaborative EP with Shad, The Spring Up, if you had to guess I bet you wouldn’t say TWO DAYS. Thats how quickly they put the majority of the project together. Skratch also expanded on the recording process and told us if the extra joints that didn’t make the EP will ever be released or not.

Now I know I told everyone that you wouldn’t be able to hear ANY of Skratch’s set recorded and that you had to listen to the radio show live. Skratch granted us special permission and I’m happy to treat you with an unreleased verse on Shad’s “Stylin” from Chip Fu of the Fu-Schnickens (shh!!! for your ears only). Since we were playing Rich Kidd instrumentals the latter part of the interview I asked Skratch who his favourite emcees from Toronto are which you have to watch to find out!

We had to know what Skratch is up to next before we let him go. He told us he is interested in creating a Skratch Bastid Producer Album along the lines of Mark Ronson, where he has a whole bunch of musical styles and artists that he can showcase. If you’ve had the pleasure to see a live show by Skratch Bastid then you know he loves to play all types of music and that Hip-Hop is his first passion that led him to explore of all types of music. I hope you enjoy our interview with DJ Skratch Bastid on The Come Up Show check it out in full on The Come Up Show TV and make sure to subscribe!