[Album] Ouici – “She Dreams In Sound”

This one’s a must-listen. Producer Ouici (whom you may know as Ric Notes) just dropped She Dreams In Sound, a spectacular, head-nodding 11-track adventure. Says Ouici, “I’ve been making beats and producing for artists for over 10 years. I’ve worked with a bunch of artists, including, but not limited to: Shad K, K-os, Blake Carrington, Drake, Tona, Ayah, Shaun Boothe… etc. All those productions were under the moniker “Ric Notes”, but under the radar, I’ve always made some more experimental and more creative instrumentals that no one has really heard, and most artists I sent them out to didn’t really know how to mess with them. So I decided to just put out my own instrumental project without the worry of having to cater to artists, and to be completely free artistically and creatively.”

The album is meant to sound like an aural dream, says Ouici: “I used very dreamy sounds/effects, and also used many sounds and influences from everything I can remember growing up on, from Wu-Tang to Disney movies, to soul music etc… I ended up with She Dreams In Sound which, in my humble opinion, is my most personal and creative piece of work that I’ve done to date.”

As for the name change, Ouici says, “I guess [it was] just [based] on the idea of having a fresh start on everything musically, and [so I decided to] introduce this new sound with a new name.” Early favourites on She Dreams In Sound include “The Grand Ballroom”, “The Joy”, “The Nest” and “The Wedding”. Stream and download/purchase the album below.