[Video] Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils – “Sookie Sookie” (Dir: Dominic Luongo)

Not too long ago, Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils dropped the visuals to “Sookie Sookie”, the second single off their debut album Gettin’ Gatsby (released through Deep Thinka Records). In line with the Gatsby era, the track is flush with a blaring, larger-than-life brass section, and laced with Kils’ funky-as-hell drums. Dukez sounds right at home.

And, well, maybe that’s because he is at home. The video was shot in Dukez’ hometown of Buffalo, at the historic Birge Mansion. “Visually, the video is heavy on the mise-en-scene, rather than leading the viewer through the story with specific cuts and sequences, the camera sorta hangs back and allows the viewer to do the editing by looking around the frame to see what’s going on,” the video’s director, Dominic Luongo said. “This also allows the viewer to develop their own unique video in their mind, because they might have been looking at a totally different part of the screen than the person next to them.” For more on the album, check out our interviews with both Fresh Kils and Mad Dukez. Check out the visuals to “Sookie Sookie” below.