Wow! I think Eminem and Rihanna have another hit record. We all can’t wait for the Marshall Mathers LP 2 to drop on November 5th and Eminem has been teasing us with new tracks like “Survival”, “Bezerk” and “Rap God” and today we are blessed with a new one “The Monster”. With Rihanna starting it off with a beautifully chilling hook that instantly catches your attention, Eminem goes right in telling you a few things he’s had on his mind the past while and gives us three crazy verses over this hype track. In my opinion this one out does the last three releases he has given us over the past two months, although to each their own because we all have different songs from Eminem we love. “The Monster” will be available on iTunes for purchase at 12pm tonight, and I can’t wait to be walking around and hear it bumping out of every car that drives by. So while we await the Marshall Mathers LP 2 , build your anticipation by taking in “The Monster” featuring Rihanna below and let me know your thoughts, whats your opinion on this one?