[Interview] Sha Prince talks Latex & Perfume, drawing the line on personal topics and more

I would like to start off by thanking those who tuned into our first live interview on The Come Up Show TV! The idea was inspired by a BBM conversation (Yes I said that) with Sha Prince who is releasing a brand new mixtape titled Latex & Perfume today on DJ Booth. The interview is conducted by yours truly, J.R. and I’m really excited for you to take it in as we covered a variety of topics.

It might take you a few days to realize what an amazing collection of music Sha Prince put together for Latex & Perfume, we’ve received an advance copy which you can read the full review track by track of what we thought. We first started off the interview with the title of the project which definitely makes you wonder what Latex & Perfume means!? Sha broke down how the title and the whole concept came together.

When I first started The Come Up Show over six years ago I thought success for an artist meant selling millions of records on a major label. I then realized there was a whole independent scene that most didn’t know about, great example was going to the Atmosphere show that had over 1000 people and not that many people even knew who they were in the mainstream. I also thought that if you are an artist that it’s all or nothing approach that you don’t give up on your artistry, then I saw that some artists make music for enjoyment and as a hobby so I asked Sha Prince what his goals are for his career as a musician which he candidly answered.

It has been a while since Sha released a solo project, 2009 to be exact, and it’s not like he has been slacking, he released two albums with his partner Flex FreeDumb and Modern Day Riot. We were interested to know what the process was like to record again as a solo artist.

Sha Prince told us there were songs that didn’t make the cut either because of timing, they were too personal, and the subjects he included in the songs didn’t feel comfortable so it wouldn’t be fair to them. This brought me to the next question where he draws the line as an artist on what is too personal or not. Most of us couldn’t imagine airing out our mistakes and insecurities to people let alone to the whole wide world via music.

One of the major drivers for Sha Prince in Latex & Perfume was anger, one of the comments he got from a friend was this “You try to portray yourself as an clean image, as the good guy”. When he heard that he went off, he decided that he is going to put everything on the table, who he is as a person and that conviction drove him when he was writing most of the songs.There is nothing motivating like proving people wrong and I think most of us can agree with that.

I hope you can enjoy our first live video interview on The Come Up Show TV give us feedback and tell me what you think we are definitely considering on doing this as a series and if you enjoyed it we will act on that thought. In the meantime please take in the interview, subscribe to our youtube channel and you can catch up and watch his videos from the project Stirred Echoes, Bird On A Wire, and make sure you also listen to Exploit My Life featuring Skyzoo & Flex The Antihero.