[Mixtape] Sha Prince – “Latex & Perfume”

Here we go Ladies and Gentleman, I’m excited to present Sha Prince newest solo mixtape Latex & Perfume!  If you visited our website these past few weeks you couldn’t have missed the videos Stirred Echoes, Bird On A Wire, Why You Mad?  and the single Exploit My Life featuring Skyzoo & Flex The Antihero. We also shared our track by track review of Latex & Perfume two days ago and we premiered our live video interview with Sha Prince that I strongly recommend you watch. The whole project is available for free download at DJ Booth.

It’s been almost 4 years since my last solo album, to me this plays like my solo debut in a way, so much has changed in that time for the good and bad, If you really want to know what I’m about as a person not just an artist this project explains it all, everything on the table, no hold bars, love me or hate me. I gave a lot to this project and revealed more about myself then a lot of people would dare to and I hope people can respect that.

Project is a free download, All I ask is you share it, send it to a friend and leave a comment x rating if you enjoyed it on the download page (Sign in thru Facebook to rate x comment) help make this a successful release. Sha Prince

Don’t sleep on this mixtape it’s definitely a contender for my list of the best projects of 2013, tell me what you think comment below.

Download: Sha Prince – Latex & Perfume