[Audio] Young Stitch – “Let King Of The Dot Down”

King Of The Dot has been the fastest growing rap battle league, starting in school yard’s to selling out Toronto’s biggest clubs like The Guvernment and even hosting battles across the border. With some of the best rap battler’s from all over the world, it is a league of epic proportions and it only grows more with each event. The homie Young Stitch back not to long ago was a part of the King Of The Dot battle scene, telling the story of his ups and downs throughout battle rapping he takes to remake on of this years hottest tracks “Let Nas Down” and gives us a view from his eye’s no one might have noticed before. It’s very tough to touch a track that created so much buzz and have it draw the same attention as the original, but Young Stitch is known for making amazing records and he definitely made a classic song we will be looking back on for years to come. Take in “Let King Of The Dot Down” after a quote from the track and some words from Young Stitch, also if you haven’t yet go download his newest project Never Alone that came out not to long ago.

“Long live your idols may they never be your rivals, D Rec was like Jesus, Ganik’ wrote the bible. Now what your about to hears a tale of glory and sin, and what I did to all my fans, now let the story begin”

This is the story of my battle-rap career (both ups and downs). These are simply MY experiences and I encourage everyone to take part in King of the Dot and enjoy the many amazing battles posted. I have nothing but LOVE for all those that have made KOTD happen.. and a special thank you to Organik, Gully, Avi, and Pvp for giving this up-and-comer the chance to prove himself. This is a story about MY trials and tribulations.. and MY mistakes.. NOT theirs.. just incase people wanted to get it twisted. This song is to inform the many curious fans that always ask me the same question.. “why don’t you battle any more stitch?!” This is a response to that question. Much love KOTD.. keep continuing to Inspire, and keep crushing all competition.