[Interview] Sese talks Sayzor Ramone EP and Live In Concert Tour

The Live In Concert tour featuring Luu Breeze, Sese, G Milla, and Robb winds down this Friday November 29th at The APK in London, On. The openers are Frank Dukez and Jay Downz tickets are only $10 bucks at the door. Sese called in on The Come Up Show Radio this past Saturday to talk about his upcoming EP Sayzor Ramone which is due to release on December 3rd.

Sese channelling over the top charisma, brash lady’s man bravado and technical skills to put him a cut above the rest comes as second nature. The parallels between he and his favourite wrestler the WWF’s Rayzor Ramone character are endless on his new 8-Track offering aptly-titled, “Sayzor Ramone.”

If you don’t understand why Sese titled his EP after a WWF wrestler you definitely want to listen in to our interview and find out how he made the connection to his favourite wrestler.

“So sick of being lyrical, on the earth where they only want material, they don’t listen to a word that you say when you try to be original.” Sese- Fear Me 

That is the reality Sese was facing after the release of his YFRWN series, since they were dark and aggressive he felt pressure to make radio singles to appeal to clubs and women but Sese he remained to stay true to himself, “I’m not changing myself to make you a fan, at the end of the day you are going to let the core fans down…..I just feel comfortable where I can do what I want to do and the fans are embracing it”.

Sese also defined selling out, “at the end of the day you don’t have to get signed or get paid to sell out, you just have to stop doing what you want to do and start doing what THEY are telling you to do”. Last but not least Sese talked about his live performance, the energy, his set, “I rap until my face goes red and I want to pass out” and the success with his merchandise and how great it has been to brand himself.

Check this out and more in our interview with Sese and I hope to see you at The APK concert this Friday. RSVP on facebook and as a bonus enter our contest below for your chance to win free passes.

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