[Album] The Most High – “The Most High EP”

Hearing about this talking to Graph Wize, Bill Beamin and Shhadeh at a show not to long ago, they told me about this self titled EP they’ve been working on the past few weeks, a project between Shhadeh, Bill Beamin, Dyls -The Most High, and Graph Wize, that really capture their unique raw underground style as a whole. From the introduction “Whats Poppin” through to “The Mission” this one keeps your head nodding, especially bangers like “Unbridled”, “Raw Sh*t”. Produced entirely by Graph Wize and Dyls, their are a few features from Legend, Louie “OX” Rankin, Real Jazz Ni**az and Emanuel Assefa. Stream The Most High EP below and let me know what you think, which track are you feeling?