casual drug references artwork

Holy holy. This is project of my dreams (and the dreams of anyone who is a nü-LA fan). The curator of the deceased Classic Drug References, Sweeney Kovar, thankfully decided to salvage the essence of the blog in the form of a box set limited to 500 units. The set consists of three 7″ singles, all by duos: Danny Brown & mndsgn, zeroh & Ras G, Blu & Knwxledge. As you can see, 80% of these artists are part of the core beat scene of LA’s wonderful music landscape. Although I’m a fan of all of these dudes, the Danny Brown and mndsgn project simply blew me away. mndsgn creates a murky, eery atmosphere with the demented instrumental which gives Danny the perfect opportunity to slash it apart. Fans of his will remember this flow from the XXX days, his most acclaimed project to date. Enough rambling, listen to these guys rip it up on “Sweeney Song” and check out the other singles as well.