[Video] Young Stitch ft. Casper & Ize – “Life Is A Bitch” (Dir: Craig Scorgie)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard Young Stitch’s new mixtape Never Alone, filled with a ton of great tracks, there’s a few that stand out the most to me, “Life Is A Bitch” being one of them. Filming this one while at a show in Peterborough together, the track “Life Is A Bitch” featuring Casper and Ize gives you the chills when listening to it, just for the fact of how deep both emcee’s get on their verses. While at another video shoot with Casper, Treetop and Craig Scorgie – the director, we were shown a clip of the video and I’ll say the wait has been excruciating because Craig brought this song to life, the animations he throws in add to the feel of it. Take a minute to check out the homie Young Stitch’s new video “Life Is A Bitch” featuring Casper and Ize and let me know how it makes you feel afterwards.