[Mixtape] TheLegendsLeague Presents: “Naturally Born Strangers”

Late Saturday night, one project I’ve been patiently waiting for finally dropped and the bar I had already set for it hearing the first few tracks was surpassed completely. First hearing about it in St. Catharines at The Cookout talking to Rich Kidd, the first glimpse we got of it was on We On Some Rich Kid Shit Vol. 7: The People’s Champ, track 18 “The Strangers”. Fast forward a month or so we started hearing tracks like “A Gun And A Pack Of Sandwiches”, “Tie Breaker” and “Jameson Ave” as the day drew closer to its release. Working together, TheLegendsLeague, a clothing brand founded in Toronto hooked up with Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb and Tona to present Naturally Born Strangers, a project in which the three emcee’s compose some of the best music I’ve heard this year. Rich Kidd covers all the production, as himself, Adam Bomb and Tona – in my opinion three of the top wordsmith’s putting material out right now craft a mix of music that takes you on a journey through the art of story telling, fun tracks you can relate to and always sparking your mind to think, creating a learning experience for the listener, which trumps any club track you want to throw at me. You can definitely tell everyone had fun in the creation process of this one. Quoting the write up written by Bryan Espiritu and James McGurk of TheLegendsLeague,

“Naturally Born Strangers represents those born and raised different who don’t associate themselves with the common communal circles. It’s a proclamation of pride in the power of being disliked, unwanted or obscure, weird or foreign to the norm. It’s for the stranger and the more strange, the new community of outcasts, the antithesis to the neighborhood and the cynics of its circles. NBS is the umbrella title to those influenced by much, deterred by nothing and unknown the world over.

It’s a reflection of our societies vision of “normal”. The queen is represented to create familiarity but has been tainted to identify the strange. It’s f*ck government, f*ck the system, f*ck money, f*ck fame, f*ck art.”

Naturally Born Strangers is one project I don’t see myself putting down anytime soon, after you take this one in I guarantee you will say the same, stream and download the whole mixtape – or album which ever you wish to call it after the promotional video for TheLegendsLeague.

Download: TheLegendsLeague Presents: Naturally Born Strangers