[Video] Sese – “Sayzor Ramone Commercial” (Dir: Chui)

Tomorrow marks the day we’ve all been waiting for, Sayzor Ramone will be available for those who haven’t got their hard copies off Sese already, you can still pre-order the album although it wont be available in full until tomorrow. Building the hype even more, Sese dropped a brief commercial today showing the amount of training he has gone through for the big day tomorrow. Thanks to Sese, we at The Come Up Show have been lucky enough to get an advance listen to the EP over the past two weeks and thoroughly take it in. Today at 6pm we will be releasing our review of Sayzor Ramone which should help any people on the fence about getting this album make up their minds and grab themselves a copy tomorrow. Sayzor Ramone hoodies and hard copy CD packages are still available as well through Sese. Check out the commercial for Sayzor Ramone and be ready at 6pm if you want to hear more about the EP.