[Gallery] Wu-Tang Clan 20th Year Anniversary Concert Nov 28, Kool Haus (Toronto)

Wu-Tang Clan_264

It was November 9, 1993 that Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) made its debut to the world and 20 years later it’s touted as one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. The celebration wouldn’t have been the same if Wu-Tang Clan hadn’t reunited on stage and we’ve seen few select dates in 2013. Toronto was one of those lucky cities to witness the legendary group live minus Rza and Masta Killa. Our reviewer  Colton couldn’t see the show because of  circumstances beyond our control but we did manage to get access for our photographer Danielle Da Silva to capture a couple of flicks.

Check out the photos of the opening acts such as Peter Jackson, Trinity Chris, Gangis Khan, and the headlining act The Wu-Tang Clan. Let me know what your experience of the show was like in the comment section.