[Video] Wale – “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)” (Dir: Coodie&Chike)

It’s always an interesting experience watching a music video that has a lot of thought put into it as well as a story line. Any musician can create a music video of themselves in a room lip syncing along to their lyrics, but it’s a completely different case when musicians take up the acting role and introduce us to a story.

Wale decided to take this route with the song “Golden Salvation (Jesus piece)” off of his album The Gifted which was released June 24th of this year. The music video starts off with a pastor giving his sermon to church attendees, but the environment quickly changes and the camera becomes distorted, as though we are looking through Jesus’s diamond eyes on a chain pendant. We are introduced to a young black man who leans over a counter studying his newest Jesus piece. After the purchase we are introduced to this man’s life through the eyes of the Jesus piece. We see that this man is a recording artist who cherishes his religion, but not enough to keep himself the from temptation of his unmarried relations.

I don’t want to ruin the whole video because watching this is almost like watching a movie, and I know better than to give away the endings in cinema. However I will say this, the owner of the Jesus piece runs into some problems on account of his shiny pendant and Jesus gets placed into the wrong hands. While listening through the song, people might not grasp the concept that Wale’s first verse is in the perspective of Jesus and that’s why I find this video fascinating and unique, because it forces the viewer to see through Jesus’s perspective instead of just assuming we know what Wale is speaking of.

The main message behind this song to me is that even though entertainers might be able to spend a ton of money on their religious pendants, it does not necessarily means that they are higher spiritual beings that the rest of us. Anyone can be religious and they do not need an expensive chain to show for it. Check out Wale’s “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)” visuals below.