[Video] Shad – “Remember To Remember” (Dir. Justin Broadbent)

Shad October 19 @ The Opera House

Canadian Hip Hop phenomenon Shad released the video for the song “Remember To Remember” featuring Lights off of his latest album Flying Colours. The name of the album is quite fitting because there are a ton of vibrant, colourful, flashing lights throughout this whole video. I think having the addition of Lights helped to steer this music video in a direction that we have never seen Shad in before.

For example, Shad has other videos where computer editing has been used a little bit, such as his videos for “Rose Garden” or “It Ain’t Over”, but in this video it is evident that there were many hours put into this project in terms of video editing and mastering. There are a variety of different effects throughout this video that are not necessarily new but they are still interesting. For instance, when Lights sings the hook for the first time she is shown slowly rotating to the left wearing a black hoodie. As her head turns away from the camera the hook ends and the second verse starts with Shad magically appearing in the same hoodie that Lights was just wearing.

This whole video is almost like a challenge to see how many effects they can throw into a five minute video while still making it look good. Some of the effects in this video include a scene where Shad is walking towards the camera and when he can’t walk any farther forward, he appears in the distance walking towards the camera again. There is also a point during the video when we see Lights singing parallel to herself, and even a mirror effect during the second verse where Shad is right-side up and up-side down at the same time spitting his lyrics.

There is something that took me by surprise in this video however, and that is during the musical interlude halfway through the song. At this point the song changes from a Hip Hop feel to a club banging song. The bass increases and Lights vocals are chopped up, but the real shocker was witnessing three dancers performing a routine in front of a flashing backboard as the images come in and out like a strobe light. I’m assuming this was added because Lights was also part of the music video and this is her style of video, but seeing hired dancers in a Shad video just seems odd.

Other than that, this was an entertaining music video and even more importantly an amazing song in general. For more on Shad, make sure to read our interview with him, and if you haven’t already, check out Shad K’s latest creation, “Remember To Remember,” posted below.