[News] Schoolboy Q Announces “Oxymoron” Album Release

Top Dawg Entertainment has taken a stranglehold on the rap game in the past year and to help build onto that success, T.D.E. member Schoolboy Q released a video announcing the official release date for his newest album titled Oxymoron. Instead of sending out a message over social media telling fans when to expect the album, Schoolboy Q made things a little more intriguing by putting together a minute-long trailer for his upcoming project.

The video is shot in black and white, and in the visuals we see both Schoolboy and his daughter Joy spending the day together. Q is on the phone with an unknown caller trying to come up with an album release date, while Joy is trying to get her father’s attention. We see that Schoolboy Q is too busy speaking on the phone, trying to figure out exactly what day to release the album, instead of paying attention to what his daughter is trying to tell him. Finally after being ignored for too long, Joy reaches down to her drawing pad and printed on the white surface is “#Oxymoron February 25th” in scribbly letters. After seeing what she had wrote, Schoolboy hangs up the phone and embraces his daughter, with the last heartwarming scene showing Joy on Schoolboy’s lap with the same drawing board facing the camera.

Make sure to cop Oxymoron when it’s released on February 25th and check out the video previewing the announcement below.