[Audio] Chris Brown ft. Lil’ Wayne and French Montana – “Loyal”

I couldn’t turn my volume up any louder on this one! “Loyal” is bubbly and fresh, but with a simple production and as mainstream as many of Chris Brown’s other singles that have enjoyed tremendous success on the charts. I think that Chris steals the show of his own track, overlapping and lacing his verses with his R&B voiceover that he is so well-known for. He also never fails to impress me with the artists he collaborates with. Lil’ Wayne’s verse at the beginning opens up the track perfectly- I don’t think there’s a better spot for it; French Montana also makes a short appearance, but much closer to the end. Just from listening to “Loyal”, I think that by tonight, gossip mills will be brewing stories about who this track is really about (but we won’t go there, will we now?). “Loyal” is off Chris Brown’s sixth studio album X, set for early 2014 after several delays. As usual, I’m positive he will put out an excellent album, and I’m waiting patiently for more singles to tie us over until the new year!